Ballgrab to Supply Subsea Connector System for Perdido Project

Technip has awarded ball and taper connector specialist, Ballgrab, the contract for subsea connectors (SMC) to moor the Truss Spar for Shell's Perdido Development project in the Gulf of Mexico, 200 miles south of Freeport, Texas in 8,000 feet of water. This will be Ballgrab's deepest SMC installation to date.

Ballgrab is supplying a disconnectable tool that will be installed on each of the nine taut-leg Chain-Polyester Rope-Chain mooring systems.

Designed with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of 3,880 kips (17260kN), the Ballgrab tool will link the suction piles and ground chain segment interfacing directly with long term mooring shackles.

The receptacle part of the connectors will be delivered first, to be installed subsea with the piles, mounted on the docking porch. The insertion part of the connectors will follow.

Ballgrab connectors have been chosen for their vertical access and quick connect/disconnect features, ideal for permanent mooring system in deep water.

Technip is already using Ballgrab mooring connectors for several of its spars including Mad Dog, Red Hawk, and Constitution.

Ballgrab mooring connectors are widely used as a quick connection/disconnection system in permanent mooring lines. Based on the simple ball and taper principle, and with an innovative self-activating mechanism, the connector can be rapidly deployed. Having been guided into position and engaged, the tool can only be released once the load has been removed. They are particularly effective for deepwater use where they provide a safer, diverless connection for mooring systems.

Designed and tested in accordance with certifying authority standards, Ballgrab connectors are bespoke engineered to meet project-specific load dynamic and design life criteria ensuring a long term, consistent fatigue life.

Ballgrab SMCs are specifically designed to meet project criteria and are unique. They are available in a range of sizes from 300mT MBL to 2500mT MBL. The current applications range from drilling-mooring through buoy-moorings to FPSOs and deep water SPAR buoys.

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