Nexans wins Umbilical Contract from ABB

Nexans has been awarded a letter of intent from ABB for the supply of 165km of umbilical cables and 26,5 km of submarine control cables. The amount of this contract is about 41 million euros. The cables will ensure the distribution of electricity, communications and hydraulics/chemicals to the Snohvit gas field project located in Norway.

Testing and development work on the cables will start immediately, while the cable production itself will start in 2004. In order to simplify the installation, once the cables are ready, they will be put on a barge and transported to the North of Norway.

The Group will deliver the cables at the beginning of 2005, already on the turntable of the barge, in Nexans' factory of Halden (Norway), where they will be picked up by ABB and towed to Hammerfest. It is of great importance to the end-customer, Statoil, that the cables are available to be laid during spring/summer of 2005 so that they can be installed when the weather is good.

"We are very pleased that Nexans has been chosen for this major project. We have worked on it in Norway since 1999, so we are very satisfied that it is our technology and know-how that have been preferred," says Yvon Raak, President Energy Division of Nexans.

Nexans says it is very unusual to deliver such long cables by barge. Usually these are delivered by cable ship. The 165-km-long cable, which is to be delivered in one length, will be laid from the onshore facility at Melkoya out to the main center on the Snohvit field. From there, four infield umbilicals, measuring a total of 26.5 km, will be laid out to the well structures. These four umbilicals will have among other things, a 2-inch center pipe. The fibre-optic components and signal cables for the umbilical are to be supplied by Nexans' factory in Rognan, while the Halden factory will weld all the pipes together and manufacture the umbilical itself.