Empyrean Energy Plugs Back Raun #1 to Shallower Depth

Empyrean says that the Raun # 1 well has reached a total depth of 3,810m (12,500ft). The well found thin non-commercial gas sands in the target Wilcox section between 3,201m (10,500 ft) and the total depth of the well. As a result the well has been plugged back to a depth of 10,919ft(3,328m) in order to evaluate 2 potential gas-bearing sands which together amount to a thickness of 50ft between 2,149M (7,050ft) and 2,210m (7,250 ft).

The drilling rig will now be released and a smaller more cost effective rig will be used to test these zones as soon as a suitable rig can be located.

Further updates will be provided as significant information comes to hand.