Noble Denton Wins Malaysian License from Petronas

Noble Denton Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (NDSMB), the Malaysian subsidy of the global offshore and marine consulting firm has acquired the prestigious Petronas license. The license will enable Noble Denton to provide a whole range of consulting and risk assessment services as an independent company.

Petronas, the Malaysian national petroleum corporation, wholly owned by the government is vested with the entire oil and gas resource in Malaysia.

The license awarded to NDSMB covers Warranty Survey, Marine Condition Survey Services, Risk Assessment & Safety Study/Audit, General Inspection Services and Rig Inspection Services.

NDSMB has successfully qualified for the license following a rigorous application process. The license has been awarded to the company based upon its operations in Malaysia and as a proof of its ability to deliver services and its track record for performance.

"Noble Denton Malaysia can now deeply integrate itself with the oil and gas industry of Malaysia, as we can function as an independent company for Petronas and Petronas sharing contractors. We are proud to have acquired this prestigious Malaysian license," said Magnus Thyri Kise, Technical Director, NDSMB.

"Having a license means we can work directly with the company, helping cut down response time and generate more efficiency."

The license allows Petronas access to Noble Denton as a service provider without requiring an application process each time the company's services are required.

Kise also said that NDSMB would acquire more licenses in the future, as the company is allowed to apply for only five licenses at a time. In the near future, NDSMB will be able to offer all of Nobel Denton's global services as an independent company operating in Malaysia.

Noble Denton Group, with a MENA base is headquartered in Abu Dhabi with offices in Dubai and Sharjah, has experienced spectacular growth in the last few years, capitalising on increasing demand for consulting and engineering services in the offshore marine and energy markets.