MultiPhase Solutions to Provide BP with Virtual Asset Manager System

Multiphase Solutions, a subsidiary of John Wood Group PLC ("Wood Group"), has been awarded a contract by BP for $3 million to provide a Virtual Asset Manager™ System for the Dimlington Onshore Compression & Terminal Integration Project – OCTIP. Approximately £125 million ($250 million) will be invested in new gas compression facilities at the BP-operated terminal which receives gas from fields in the southern North Sea. This new equipment will reduce pipeline pressure between the offshore fields and the terminal allowing the gas fields to increase production. BP expects remaining recoverable reserves in West Sole and Amethyst fields to increase by around 30% as a result of this project.

The Virtual Asset Manager™ installation will include monitoring, optimization, and advisory capability utilizing simulation models of wells, pipelines and onshore processing (e.g., separators, compressors, and liquid stabilization).

"We are very pleased to have been chosen to provide this critical asset management system for such an innovative project," said Michael Mai, president and chief executive officer of MSi. "This award builds on previous contracts with BP in the North Sea and we look forward to providing a robust, fit-for-purpose simulation and operations management solution."

It is expected that the new configuration of the Dimlington Terminal will also prove attractive to other companies wishing to import gas through the terminal thus maximising the potential of existing North Sea infrastructure. The investment and new configuration will replace the existing facilities at the adjacent unmanned Easington Terminal allowing this terminal to be closed and decommissioned. Easington currently receives gas from the West Sole, Hyde, Newsham and Hoton fields and passes it to neighbouring Dimlington.

MSi's Virtual Asset Manager™ system comprises an integrated suite of real-time, online software packages including Virtual Metering System™, Virtual Pipeline Manager™, Virtual Process Advisor™ used to enhance the operability and profitability of oil and gas production, transportation, and processing assets.