Greymouth Starts Kaimiro Field Development With In-Fill Well

The owner of the onshore Kaimiro field in Taranaki Basin, Greymouth Petroleum, has started its first field development program since buying Kaimiro almost a year ago from former operator Shell New Zealand.

Greymouth recently started an in-fill well Kaimiro-19 from the Kaimiro G wellsite site near the field's production station. Company principal John Sturgess said that up to four such wells could be drilled in various parts of the field during the next year or so.

Although Greymouth had done some above-ground work since buying the field last April, the in-fill wells would be the company's first subsurface program. Greymouth is targeting some shallow Mt Messenger bright spots identified by earlier seismic.

Mr. Sturgess said early production from the field, which was discovered by Petrocorp in 1981, had been from the Eocene-aged Kapuni formation. Present production was centred on the shallower Miocene-aged Mt Messenger sands, which were discovered in 1988.

The $2-3 million development should ensure future production from these shallow sands, which was consistent with plans by former owner Fletcher Challenge Energy to extract more value from the field.

The OD & E Rig 19 is drilling the first in-fill well, which will have a target depth of about 1300-1600m and be deviated towards the eastern margin of the field and the adjacent Ngatoro-Goldie oil fields.

Mr. Sturgess said this was an untested area, but had been identified by Fletcher Challenge Energy as one of the most prospective parts of the field.