PT Medco Tests Libyan Wildcat

PT Medco Energi Internasional reports that the flow testing of the F1-47/02 new field wildcat exploration well was completed in early November by the Ensign drilling rig 28. The well is located 8.2 kilometers northeast of the company's A1-47/02 oil discovery and 3.1 kilometers northwest of the A1-NC3A oil discovery. An 18 foot interval at a depth of 9,842 feet in the Lower Acacus Formation was tested and yielded 45 degree API gravity light sweet crude oil at a maximum measured flow rate, as restricted by test equipment capability, of approximately 7,215 bopd and a natural gas rate of 6 mmcfd (gross) through a 96/64" choke at a flowing wellhead pressure of 464 psia.

At the request of the NOC and consistent with earlier well test protocols, flow rates at the F1-47/02 well were also measured through a smaller and more restrictive choke size of 32/64". The choke-restricted oil and gas rates were 2,527 bopd and 2.4 mmcfd, respectively, at a flowing wellhead pressure of 1,236 psia.

The maximum combined measured flow test rates described above are not necessarily indicative of the ultimate production rate and may be lower in any commercial development stage which will be determined from reservoir engineering studies that constitute part of the appraisal and development planning activities currently underway.

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