Schlumberger Introduces FUTUR Active Set-Cement Technology

Schlumberger announced the availability of its FUTUR* active set-cement technology that automatically seals microleaks in a cement sheath.

Pumped and placed as part of any primary cementing operation, the active components of the FUTUR cement system remain dormant until exposed to hydrocarbons, such as those seeping through cracks or microannulae in the cement sheath. Upon activation by contact with hydrocarbons, the FUTUR cement sheath will self-repair without intervention. This prevents the annular migration of fluids behind the casing between zones or the sustained casing pressure (SCP) at surface.

"FUTUR cement system represents a major technological breakthrough that solves several vexing problems that have impacted the industry for some time," said Belgacem Chariag, president, Well Services, Schlumberger. "In underground gas storage wells in Germany and Italy, the technology had a double benefit. In addition to preventing annular pressure buildup, the technology sealed against gas leaks into depleted zones that would have resulted in significant financial losses for the well owners over time."

This new technology can be mixed and pumped as a lead or tail system during any primary cement job. The properties of this system are comparable to those of conventional cements meaning it can be pumped with standard cementing equipment. No additional equipment or personnel are required.

Once in place, FUTUR technology guards against hydrocarbon leakage and extends the life of the well. Even microscale leaks caused by subsidence, pressure/temperature cycling, or tectonic activity will be sealed. The reaction within the matrix to the exposure to hydrocarbons is spontaneous and is completed rapidly. The system retains its reactivity over time, and will continue to seal any subsequent leaks that may occur over the well’s productive life, or even after abandonment.