Pemex Gets Fire Under Control, Finishes Removal of Damaged Infrastructure

By completing the removal of the damaged infrastructure on platform Kab-101, Pemex reports that it has concluded the first phase of controlling the Kab-121 well.

The first phase of work on the well consisted of removing the bridge that connected the Usumacinta and Kab-101, as well as the removal of the tower and drill floor. All the removed materials will be transported to the land to be included in the investigation into the incident.

Additionally, the well fire is also under control, with the installation of a mechanism above the damaged valve that can turn the flames on and off, resulting in an increased safety level and less of an environmental impact.

Next, Pemex must complete the construction of the platform floor that was damaged, install it and ensure the safety and control of the well in the future. Completion of these tasks is estimated at 30 days, as long as the weather permits.

The company states that although the probability of success is substantial, it is not absolute, and it is exploring other options.

The jackup rig Usumacinta collided with the Kab-101 platform during harsh weather on October 23. Workers were forced to evacuate, and 21 people died in the incident.

Located in the Gulf of Mexico offshore the Mexican state of Tabasco, the Usumacinta is owned by Mexican company Perforadora Central.

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