Aker Kvaerner Celebrates MultiBooster Success

Aker Kvaerner celebrates the success of the company's MultiBooster pump technology that is now operational at BP's King field in the Gulf of Mexico. BP expects the two subsea pumps to enhance production by an average of 20 percent.

The successful installation marks a breakthrough for Aker Kvaerner's subsea multiphase pumping technology. It also breaks two world records for this technology as it is applied in water depths in excess of 1 700 meters, with more than 29 kilometers step-out from the platform. Aker Kvaerner has delivered two complete subsea pump systems and a spare pump currently stored at the company's service facility in Houston.

"This truly is a major breakthrough for our subsea technology," says Svenn Ivar Fure, senior vice president Trees / Processing & Boosting at Aker Kvaerner Subsea. "We are confident that our MultiBooster subsea system will increase oil production and recovery rates significantly. We congratulate BP and their excellent project team for taking this technology into use."

"We also hope this news will function as a springboard for other oil operating companies interested in this technology," adds Fure.

Aker Kvaerner's MultiBooster subsea system increases oil production and recovery rates, extends the useful life of fields and enables longer step-out distances between subsea assets and host facilities by adding energy to the wellstream.

The MultiBooster pumps have been engineered and produced at Aker Kvaerner's subsea facility in Tranby, Norway. The Aker Kvaerner subsidiary, Aker Marine Contractors, installed the MultiBooster pumps in the Gulf of Mexico.

The contract was first announced by Aker Kvaerner on October 4, 2005.