Petrobras Signs Technological Agreement with StatoilHydro

Petrobras signed a new exploration and production technology sharing and development agreement with Norwegian outfit StatoilHydro today (12/03). The agreement will allow both companies to improve their operating techniques for deepwater production, for oil & gas processing, distance follow-up using digital means, among others, and will be in effect for five years.

The two companies are part of the world’s deepwater exploration and production pioneers. They intend to collaborate in overcoming the increasing hurdles involved this activity, such as, for example, maritime drilling at great depths and the need to increase oil reservoir recovery factors, i.e., extracting more oil and gas from production fields.

The agreement that was signed gives continuity to the previous separate ones Petrobras held with Statoil and Norsk Hydro. After the two companies’ merged, in October, Petrobras continued sharing technologies with the new corporation.

The executive manager for Production Engineering from the Exploration & Production (E&P) area, Jose Miranda Formigli; the general manager for Production Process Technology, Tuerte Amaral Rolim; and the general manager for Reserves and Reservoirs, Alberto Sampaio de Almeida, attended the event representing Petrobras. Meanwhile, StatoilHydro was represented by its vice-president for E&P for the South Atlantic, Kjetil Baraten Solbrakke, and by the president of its Brazilian division, Jorge Camargo.