Denbury Increases Production with Enventure Expandable Program

Enventure Global Technology and Denbury Resources recently set an expandable installation milestone: two Solid Expandable Tubular (SET) systems in two different wells with one crew in one day. This achievement proves the operational and economic efficiencies feasible when operators plan expandable technology into their projects.

The safe operation was performed for two of Denbury's South Mississippi water injection wells possessing severe water thief zones. The operator chose Enventure's cased-hole SET technology to cover perforations in a middle zone of each well.

"Previous methods of squeezing, casing patches and even dual packer isolation assemblies rarely worked," Lance Taylor, Denbury Resources senior operations engineer explained. "The success of this program saved time and money on costly remedial workovers, increased production and ultimately will result in higher reserves due to improved waterflood sweep efficiency. Enventure provided a reliable solution for us to apply across multiple wells in our field, and the SET system will continue to be an important tool to achieve our planned growth."

The 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 in. SET systems enabled Denbury to conserve internal well diameter improving distribution in their waterflood. The expandable liners were accurately installed in a tight target area covering water thief zones without closing off other critical perforations.

"Denbury's application of SET solutions exemplifies the efficiencies that can be gained by planning new technology into their fields," said Chan Daigle, vice president North America sales and operations.

This is the fourth expandable installation for Denbury with eight more installations planned.