AGS & PGS Join Forces

PGS says that the integration of AGS and PGS is gathering pace. AGS will continue to serve its core markets and customers with its proprietary 3D beam migration algorithm and fast velocity model building tools. These will be made available throughout PGS' extensive worldwide network of Data Processing Centres and global compute resources, located close to our customers in all the major oil & gas producing regions around the world.

AGS' highly qualified personnel, proven track record and depth imaging technology, perfectly complement PGS' expertise and high-fidelity imaging suite of Kirchhoff, Wave Equation and Reverse Time Migration (RTM) algorithms and will deliver advanced depth imaging solutions and services to our customers.

To further demonstrate the benefits of AGS' technology, PGS has produced a beam migration product in the Gulf of Mexico, on their deepwater Green Canyon DW-3 North multi-client survey, covering 175 OCS blocks (> 4,000 sq. km).

PGS' global presence, excellence in seismic acquisition & processing solutions, combined with AGS’ technology, will deliver the fastest and most accurate subsurface images, unrivalled in the industry.