HMC Completes Ambitious Thialf Upgrade

On November 20 Heerema completed the ambitious upgrade project of its largest crane vessel, the Thialf. In just 14 months from concept to delivery, the Thialf has been fitted with a PLET (Pipe Line End Terminal) reconnect tower, an A&R (Abandonment & Recovery) Winch and four additional six-cylinder engines to increase the vessel's Dynamic Positioning (DP) capacity.

The upgrade project was executed while the Thialf was carrying out its normal duties at a variety of projects. Normally the Thialf has an average crew of 275, during the upgrade project the Thialf housed up to 500 people of 13 different nationalities.

Technical Details

For the DP upgrade the thruster capacity was increased to six times 70 ton. The upgrade comprised the installation of four engines with all required auxiliaries such as cool water, fuel, lube oil, etc., the installation of four 4600 kW generators, the installation of electrical panels in new switchboard rooms, the installation of a sea chest and extension of the existing pump room as well as the installation of a of Power Management System.

The successful completion of the project is the result of months of intense work by a dedicated Heerema team, supported by the vessel crew and the crews of the other vessels.

The upgrade of the Thialf has been one of HMC's most important strategic initiatives to maintain its strong market position in the Gulf of Mexico.