PetroProd to List on Oslo Axess

The Board of Oslo Bors resolved to admit shares in PetroProd Ltd. to be listed on Oslo Axess.

The Board stipulated that, prior to the first day of listing, the company must satisfy the requirement for the number of holders of one round lot or more of the company's shares as specified in Section 2.4.2 of the Oslo Axess Listing Rules, and it must publish an approved prospectus. Admission to listing is also conditional on the company entering into agreements with Oslo Bors, cf. Oslo Axess Listing Rules Section 2.3.3 and 3 (v), and it must also publish a specific statement on the independence of its board of directors.

The Board authorized the President of Oslo Bors to fix the date of the first day of listing, which is to be no later than January 11, 2008.