RBG Applies Innovative Technology

RBG Limited hosted a Technology & Innovation Day at its Dyce, Aberdeen facility on November 15th. The event was organized to promote industry awareness of RBG's innovative and engineered technical solutions. Over 100 guests from oil operators and service companies came along to catch up on RBG's latest exciting technologies and services.

The event was held at the company's Pitmedden Road complex, within the newly refurbished and extended Inspection Services workshop. This houses equipment which provides traditional NDT (non destructive testing) services, as well as specialist techniques such as digital radiography and ultrasonic corrosion mapping for monitoring the integrity of welds and fabricated structures.

On display were a range of 17 technologies and innovations on offer from RBG, which are used during construction, maintenance, inspection and marine operations at onshore and offshore worksites.

Recognizing that sand production is becoming an increasing issue during oil and gas production operations, the event marked the official launch of RBG's new Advanced Sand Management services. This field proven, modular suite of equipment has been developed by RBG to provide a unique and complete sand management service. This ranges from quantifying sand volume build-up in production vessels, through clean-up using innovative sand wash tanks, to safe overboard disposal of the cleaned sand in line with environmental standards at <1% oil-in-solids.

Complementing RBG's rig modification and upgrade capability, the Marine Services display showed a Zone 2 rated diving system and decompression chamber, along with the Rigid Inflatable Boat to highlight the company's ability to deliver highly specialized air diving services and subsea inspection ROVs in hazardous areas.

Originally developed in Australia for applications in the mining industry, Enviropeel is a spray-on plastic coating which provides corrosion-free protection for bolted connections and valves.

A further highlight was hot bolt clamps, an innovative time-saving method which enables change-out of bolts on small bore flanges under normal operating conditions.

RBG launched its range of C-10 subsea bolt tensioning tools earlier this year to cater for the growing trend for use of compact flanges which are lighter in weight and smaller in size than traditional flanges, yet capable of performing in harsh subsea environments. The C-10 tools are diver deployed and commonly used in applications such as subsea tieback operations, subsea infrastructure developments, pipeline management projects and Inspection, Repair and Maintenance operations. To ensure easy handling during diving operations, various additional features have been incorporated, such as a non-slip surface on tool bodies, which are easier for the divers to grip and hold. A full design and project support service is available on request.

RBG Technical Director, Fraser Coull, said: "We are very pleased with the response from clients. This event has generated a lot of interest and gave us the opportunity to showcase our latest developments directly to this knowledgeable technical audience."

As part of its ongoing commitment to new technology and in line with its core value of Applied Innovation, RBG has invested over £7m in the last year on new technologies and extensions to existing services.