BJ Introduces Casing Running Tool 500

BJ Tubular Services introduces the Casing Running Tool 500 (CRT 500), a highly effective top drive casing running tool that improves the safety and efficiency of casing running operations.

By using the CRT 500 system to run casing on highly deviated and long reach wells, operators can save valuable rig time and enhance success rates typically encountered when dealing with problem formations and extended reach applications. "We are very excited about the expansion of our casing running system portfolio to include the CRT 500. We can offer special assistance to those clients requiring a custom casing running solution, particularly in highly deviated extended-reach wells," said Brad Pellegrin, area manager-Americas for BJ Tubular Services. "We are very pleased with the outcomes we've achieved on behalf of our clients, especially in terms of reduced rig time and associated cost-savings," he added.

A key advantage of the CRT 500 is its ability to rotate and reciprocate the casing string while simultaneously filling and circulating mud through the tool within the safety parameters of its 500 ton weight capability, which is essential for handling heavier string weights that are now commonplace in the industry. The remotely operated system also makes it possible to run casing by drawing upon power supplied by the rig's top drive.

Successful Operation in Gulf of Mexico

As an example of the success of this tool, BJ Tubular Services completed a custom casing running operation on a highly deviated well for a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The operation was carried out on an extended reach well using the CRT 500. Depleted zones in the field had caused production casing to become stuck and unable to reach TD. To resolve this problem in the past, liners have been run in order to reach total depth. BJ ran 13,000 feet of production casing through a depleted zone.

By using the CRT 500 system, BJ was able to rotate the casing off the slips to break loose of differential sticking. It required 25,000 ft-lbs of surface torque to break the casing free, which occurred on every joint, from the depleted zones to total depth. Between four and five days of rig time were saved, which would have been otherwise been spent picking up smaller drill pipe, cleaning out the rat hole below the depleted zone, and running, cementing and testing the liner. As a result of applying this customized approach, the operator realized a savings of nearly USD$1 million dollars.

The CRT 500 is the latest addition to BJ Tubular Services' growing portfolio of mechanized systems, which features the T-CAT top-drive casing alignment tool and the hydraulic power tong manipulation system known as the Leadhand MKIII.