Documents Retrieved After NNPC Fire

The Nigerian National Corporation reports that vital documents relating to several oil contracts entered into with both multinational and local oil companies, were retrieved intact from the ruins of its Lagos office building.

The building, which housed key NNPC business units including the National Petroleum Investment Management Services and the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company, was set on fire December 23. However, the oil contracts documents, lodged in six cabinets and stored on the 9th floor of the burnt building, were discovered unaffected by the fire.

According to reports from local news source, Thisday, all the oil contract papers relating to joint venture projects, production sharing contracts, sole risk and legal documents, were intact. The documents had been stored in fire-proof file cabinets.

A group, Youth Democratic Movement (YDM) claimed responsibility for the inferno. The SSS promptly arrested Chris Nwokobia, who claimed he was the head of the group. Some other NNPC security guards, arrested in the wake of the inferno, were still undergoing interrogation.