Heerema Delivers Template for Tombua Landana Platform

Heerema Vlissingen, one of the three construction yards of Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) in Zwijndrecht, has delivered the giant template for the Tombua Landana platform. The template and the piles, the longest ever built, have been loaded from the construction quay in Vlissingen on a seagoing barge for transport to Angola, West Africa.

Construction work for the fabrication of the 3,000 ton weighing template and twelve 625 foot long piles for the Tombua Landana platform started at the Heerema Vlissingen yard in July 2006. Since then more than 240,000 man hours have been worked on this construction, which Heerema Vlissingen fabricated for Daewoo on behalf of Chevron.

Daewoo, main contractor for the construction of the complete platform, together with Chevron have chosen Heerema Vlissingen due to the stringent dimensional requirements. The template has been built with a tolerance of only 3 millimeters between the cylinders, where the piles have to be driven into the seabed. This meant a tremendous accuracy during construction.

"With proud we witnessed the load-out operation of the Tombua Landana template on a seagoing barge for transport to Angola. The dedication and accuracy shown by the project personnel have resulted in delivery of this challenging project on time, within budget and in accordance with the stringent specifications. Daewoo and Chevron already informed us that they are impressed by how incredibly accurate our work is. Also noteworthy is that we completed the project without a single lost time injury", said Wim Matthijssen, Managing Director Heerema Vlissingen.

The Tombua Landana platform will be installed approx. 50 miles from the coast of Angola in a water depth of 1,200 feet. The total height of the platform is 1,554 feet and weighs 76,000 ton. The operator is Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Chevron.