Bourbon Opens Training Center in Marseilles

Bourbon has inaugurated the first Bourbon Training Center in France in the city of Marseilles.

This training center is designed to provide seamen with the theoretical knowledge and practical training in anchor handling operations. The center includes a fully equipped bridge, the deck portion of the vessel and the classrooms needed for theoretical courses and debriefing.

This simulator, which was developed by Offshore Simulator Center (OSC) in Norway, is an integral component of the Bourbon internal training policy. It will train crews in anchor handling operations under real conditions to ensure acquisition of the skills required for both new employees and those already working on vessels. The objective is to ensure that everyone masters and practices the Bourbon operating standards and its safety rules.

This center to be christened the " Bourbon Training Center" will be located in the premises of the National Merchant Navy School (ENMM) in Marseilles. It is the natural culmination of the strong partnership established for many years between Bourbon and the 4 Merchant Navy Schools, including the one in Marseilles. Bourbon is in fact the leading employer of the student officers graduating from the French Merchant Navy Schools.

In line with the objectives defined in its Horizon 2010 strategic plan, training is a priority for Bourbon to handle the substantial growth in its fleet of new generation innovative and high-productivity vessels. In order to recruit 4,000 employees by 2010, Bourbon is implementing a series of tools and resources to integrate its newcomers, increase their awareness of the Bourbon culture, and guarantee that they have adopted the company’s high standards for operations, quality and safety worldwide. This training center will also allow to reinforce the continuing education programs for existing crews.

Jacques de Chateauvieux, Bourbon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer states:

" Bourbon must meet an unprecedented recruit challenge by 2010. We have largely anticipated this trend in recent years, and this Bourbon Training Center in Marseilles, which includes this extraordinary AHTS simulator, is just the latest concrete example. It will give both our oldest and newest employees quality training, in complete safety, under real conditions, so that they are imbued every day with the high operational, quality and safety standards and the values which determine and will determine the success of Bourbon."

Daniel Louedec, Director of the Marseilles ENMM, says:

"The setting up of Bourbon Training Center within our school marks an important step in the development of marine services and the related training needs. The development of this training center specifically dedicated to anchor handling operations will teach the quality procedures and standards that will contribute to the safety of the seamen who work in a demanding environment. In addition, this partnership between Bourbon and the ENMM is clearly a strong signal for the profession, because it allows to benefit from the best resources of each partner in order to offer the best training possible and continue to adapt it. Finally, this center strengthens the "oil and gas offshore" expertise in Marseilles, along with the National Institute of Professional Diving (INPP) and the COMEX."