Rowan Expands SARS Intelitrax to Include Land Rigs

SARS Corp. announced that Rowan Companies has expanded its use of the SARS Intelitrax tracking service to include its fleet of land-based oilrigs.

"With SARS Intelitrax, we're able to closely monitor all of our assets within one single view," said David Russell, President of Drilling Operations, Rowan Companies. "Since we began using the service we have greatly improved both the efficiency and safety of our drilling operations." With SARS Intelitrax, Rowan tracks fixed and mobile assets, which includes 29 land-based oil rigs located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Alaska. Since 2006, Rowan has used SARS to track offshore oil rigs and buoys in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Persian Gulf and the North Sea. SARS also tracks helicopters transporting crew to and from platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as buoys marking sunken rigs. During hurricane season, SARS locates rigs moving off anchor so that they are returned to service swiftly and with minimal loss of production. "The Rowan deployment is a great example of what makes SARS unique – our ability to combine data from a wide range of asset types that use multiple communication systems and hardware devices. We deliver that data within one single, easy-to-use application," said Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS Corp. "Looking ahead, we're very excited about adding long-range Automatic Identification System technology to increase the radius of tracking and monitoring for the offshore energy industry." With SARS, Rowan receives real-time business intelligence about the location and performance of each asset and its impact on operations. SARS' communication-independent and hardware-agnostic solutions combine widely disparate monitoring systems and methods into a single platform that streamlines information and delivers it to customers via a simple, Web-based interface. SARS has alliances with numerous equipment manufacturers worldwide and its solutions are compatible with virtually all embedded devices. The SARS deployment for Rowan utilizes equipment from Axonn for land-based drilling rigs. Devices from SkyWave Mobile Communications and Optec, Inc. are part of the SARS solution for the monitoring and tracking of offshore oil rigs and helicopters. SARS also manages an international network of Automatic Identification System ("AIS") receivers to deliver real-time vessel traffic information for key ports and waterways as well as marine domain awareness surrounding offshore rigs. SARS is currently working with Shine Micro, Inc. to deploy long-range AIS receivers, which can increase the coverage of each, site from a typical 25 to 40 mile radius to greater than 100 miles, thereby dramatically improving the value of the data.