First Australian Resources Spuds Schwing #2 Well

Grey Wolf Rig 77 has commenced drilling the Schwing #2 well, a deviated 14,500 foot Nodosaria test in which FAR has a 5% working interest (for depths between surface and 14,500 feet).

The Schwing #2 well has been engineered in a manner to enable deepening to test the Wilcox formation if the shallower objectives fail to yield a commercial result. The well is targeting gas and is expected to take 52 days at an estimated completed cost of US$6 million. FAR has retained its full 17.7 percent rights below 14,500 feet and will determine its level of participation in any deepening if and when a firm proposal is made.

A potential bail out zone has been mapped at Bolmex horizon at approximately 11,800 feet. This zone is considered lower risk and may assist in defraying well costs.

The project is being operated by Spartan Operating Company, Inc. FAR’s interest is subject to a back-in of 25% after cost recovery is achieved on a full project basis. Other participants include ASX listed Amadeus Energy Limited (AMU).