HB Rentals Secures Two More Years with Geoservices

HB Rentals has further cemented one of its longest-standing international relationships after securing a two-year contract extension with Geoservices in the Asia-Pacific.

The firms have been working together since global accommodation leader HB Rentals was established in the region, with the unit involved in the deal having already served a two-year contract with Geoservices offshore Thailand used as a mud logging unit complete with facilities for data acquisition and chemical analysis.

Modifications, testing and recertification work is being carried out on the fully A60 fire rated, DNV-approved and pressurized Zone 1 engineering cabin at HB Rentals' base in Singapore, before it is transferred to Malaysia in a deal worth more than US $70,000 (GBP £35,000).

HB Rentals' unique fleet of 20ft x 8ft engineering cabins, designed to save deck space on platforms and vessels, are customizable to meet almost any configuration and provide a safe working area in the harshest conditions.

The module will be operating in East Malaysia on the Hercules Offshore jack-up rig Hercules 208 for Murphy oil and will be used to carry out mud logging services at the deepwater Kikeh Field, 110km offshore in 4,400 feet of water in Sabah, Malaysia.

Kikeh has been developed as a stand-alone facility with oil being produced from both subsea and dry tree wells onboard a SPAR. The oil is processed, stored and exported from a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel.

Murphy Oil holds an 80% working interest in the Kikeh Field as the operator, with PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd holding the remainder.

John Aw, regional sales manager for HB Rentals in Singapore, said: "We have a long-established relationship with Geoservices through our base here, as well as at their locations in Paris and Houston.

"This extended contract allows us to continue to provide them with the high standard of accommodation, featuring integrated fire and gas monitoring, pressurization control and shutdown systems, they require for the safety and comfort of their personnel working offshore on the project."