Maersk Oil Reviews Janice A FPU Action Plan

In view of recent incidents having occurred on the Janice facility, Maersk Oil is extending its action plans designed to enhance safe operations at the Janice installation with a view to supporting the long term activities.

The Janice action plans comprise the following main elements:

--Review of safety related systems and equipment at the Janice facility;

--Review of safety related procedures, onshore and at the Janice facility;

--Review of Janice organization - onshore and offshore.

Maersk Oil will inform the authorities of any findings and action taken.

Michael Engell-Jensen, Managing Director of Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited said, "It is the policy of Maersk Oil to give safety first priority, and the Janice oil and gas production will remain shut down until production can be safely resumed. Maersk Oil will issue a statement when production is resumed."