Wavefield Returns to North Falkland Basin for Site Survey

Desire Petroleum says that Wavefield InSeis will return to the North Falkland Basin later this month to complete the site survey program started earlier this year.

In addition to completing the program in Tranche C it is also intended to acquire site survey data in Tranches I and L over the Dawn and Ruth prospects as well as over two new prospects recently identified in the area.

Following these site surveys Desire will have six prospects ready to drill in Tranches C and D and on completion of the environmental impact assessment currently underway on Tranches I and L, four prospects ready to drill in that area.

Commenting on these developments, Ian Duncan Chief Executive of Desire said:

"The Desire team continues to add prospects and reduce drilling risk through detailed technical studies over our licensed areas.

"We are delighted at the renewed interest in the Falklands shown by new entrants in to the region and remain confident that commercial hydrocarbon systems are present and that active exploration will confirm our technical evaluations."