Zhuhai Buys Additional Sikorsky Helicopters

Sikorsky Aircraft says that China Southern Airlines Company's Zhuhai Helicopter Branch has contracted for additional Sikorsky helicopters to support offshore oil projects in the South China Sea and Bohai Bay in China. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Zhuhai is the oldest operator of Sikorsky helicopters in China and has purchased two S-76C++(TM) helicopters and an S-92A® helicopter. Zhuhai began flying S-76A(TM) helicopter models in 1984, and since then has used Sikorsky helicopters to provide offshore oil support for such companies as China National Offshore Oil Corp., ExxonMobil, and Phillips.

"This selection shows the trust and confidence Zhuhai and its oil company customers have in Sikorsky helicopters," said Stephen B. Estill, Sikorsky Vice President. "The addition will help promote the offshore oil industry in China. Of the three helicopter operators in China licensed to fly in the offshore oil market, two, Eastern General Aviation Corporation (EGAC) and Zhuhai, are Sikorsky helicopter operators. Both are growing rapidly, and it is anticipated that more Sikorsky helicopters will be introduced into China's offshore market."