Bardex To Moor Atlantis PQ


Bardex Corporation has been contracted by BP for the hydraulic linear chain jack mooring system on the combined floating production/ quarters (PQ) topsides with semisubmersible hull facility that will be used for BP's deepwater Atlantis Field development project in the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantis PQ vessel is being designed by GVA Consultants and will be anchored in 7,100 feet of water. Plans call for a separate captured MODU or other similar vessel to provide drilling and well intervention capability throughout the field.

The PQ unit's mooring system will be a taut leg 12-point mooring system with chain/spiral strand jacketed wire/chain configuration. The grade K4 studless link mooring chains will be 171 mm (6.48 in) in diameter, making it one of the world's largest mooring chains. The Bardex hydraulic mooring system will be a "passive" system but it will be designed to allow the PQ unit to be moved as needed approximately 200 feet to reduce riser fatigue.

The Bardex hydraulic linear chain jack mooring system will consist of twelve 8800 kN stall capacity linear chain jack assemblies (three on each of the four corners of the upper hull deck perimeter); twelve 23,103 kN capacity integral chain stoppers, twelve 900 kN capacity integral turndown shoes; a 3 X 200 hp hydraulic power unit assembly; four independent local control console enclosures (one on each corner) ; and a PLC enclosure for remote monitoring capability.

The Bardex linear chain jack assemblies will tension the mooring chains during active line handling and hold the mooring chains during idle periods of operation. During activation, each chain jack assembly will haul in or pay out the mooring chain in a series of coordinated operations of unlatching, jacking and latching.

Bardex is also providing BP with the linear chain jack mooring system that will be used on the latter's GOM Thunder Horse PDQ.