BJ Completes Pipeline Pre-commissioning at Tapti Field

BJ Process and Pipeline Services has completed a contract to provide specialized pipeline services to Global Offshore International Ltd., the main contractor to BG Exploration and Production India Limited (BGEPIL) which has a 30% interest in the joint venture that operates the offshore Tapti gas field.

BJ PPS supplied pre-commissioning services for the NRPOD pipeline system in Tapti field. This field is located approximately 160 km northwest of Mumbai and consists of approximately 363,500 acres, comprising the South and Mid Tapti gas fields.

The NRPOD pipeline network gathers gas from Tapti field and the surrounding area. Infield lines carry gas from the new MTA wellhead platform to the central TCPP platform where it is processed. It is then exported via 36-inch and 42-inch ONGC pipelines to the Hazira gas plant.

BJ PPS provided a full range of pre-commissioning services, including flooding, hydrotesting, caliper survey, gauging, dewatering, vacuum drying, and nitrogen purging of the 22 km x 20-inch infield line and a 78 km x 20-inch export line. In addition, a piggy-back 4.5-inch instrument air line was pre-commissioned.

Operations commenced in May, and the program was completed as planned in late summer 2007. BJ PPS personnel supported this contract from its Middle East region headquarters in Dubai, and its two operations bases in Mumbai and Baroda, India.

The Government of India approved development of the Mid Tapti field with installation of a processing platform and new compression facilities to increase production in 2007.