Incremental Drilling Completes Horizontal Drilling at Selmo 22

Incremental Petroleum says that Selmo 22 has been successfully drilled horizontally into the Lower Sinan Dolomite reservoir in the Selmo Field. The well was completed on time and within budget expectations. This reservoir is the dominant reservoir in Selmo, but was not targeted in the 2006 campaign.

Drilling was essentially trouble free, with an average drill rate more than double last year's rate. This was achieved with redesigned drilling bits and motors, which at only 8' long were purpose designed and built for this project. Additionally, Incremental has spent considerable time and effort on upgrading our drilling rig since last year's program. The horizontal leg of Selmo 22 was drilled to a drill depth of 6550' and with a horizontal offset from the original vertical well of 690 ft (210.3 m), some 52' more than was prognosed. Excellent shows were encountered whilst drilling the inclined and horizontal section of the well. The complexity of the reservoir precludes an extrapolation of these shows into ultimate reservoir performance.

Selmo 22 will now require well completion, acidising and pump installation prior to being placed on production. It is anticipated that stable production will be achieved within about a month. On completion of well cleanup and acidising, the rig is scheduled to move to Selmo 36. Selmo 36 is targeting the upper reservoir in Selmo, the Middle Sinan Dolomite.