New Pipeline Monitoring Technology Launched

MCS and Qserv, who recently joined forces to launch an innovative new pipeline service, are holding a demonstration of their technology on 15 November at Qserv's newly opened premises in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire.

The new technique, to monitor the condition of pipelines and risers in subsea oil and gas developments, is a key part of MCS' work in integrity management. Both companies believe the specialized technique, to monitor the condition of flexible pipelines to reduce risk of damage, will not only save costs but have a positive impact on health and safety.

"About 30% of all risers in the North Sea are under threat of corrosion related fatigues," says Tim O'Sullivan, managing director of MCS. "It is therefore critical to carry out testing to identify the risk and then design the appropriate repair work before any failure occurs."

Following a study on the causes of flexible pipe damage, undertaken by MCS on behalf of UKOOA (now Oil & Gas UK), the company identified that annulus testing of flexible pipe was a valuable measure in monitoring integrity.

MCS and Qserv have since developed an advanced range of vacuum testing equipment. The partnership combines Qserv's reputation for delivering quality pipeline services with MCS' in-depth experience in flexible pipe integrity and analysis.

Project managers and engineers from the subsea oil and gas sector are being invited to attend the event which will feature an actual vacuum testing demonstration, presentations by both Qserv and MCS as well as a presentation from the HSE on UK legal issues relating to integrity management and maintenance requirements for unbonded flexible pipelines.

Delegates will also benefit from a preview of "Thrulife" a new integrity management software tool developed by MCS and due to be launched in 2008.

O'Sullivan concludes: "This event is an opportunity for potential users to evaluate this brand new software which allows clients, for the first time, to see the integrity status of a whole subsea system. The demonstration of annulus vacuum testing will reveal the safety, environmental and cost benefits to be gained by being able to identify the potential threat and take pro-active measures to design and plan repair work on flexible pipelines."

With almost 200 people across a global network of offices, MCS is a leading provider of advanced subsea engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Qserv is an innovative multi-service provider of Well and Pipeline Services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. It offers a range of services including, coiled tubing, pumping, wireline, fluid and nitrogen pumping, HLD, subsea well intervention, engineering and pipeline services. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Qserv currently employs 350 staff to support its operations in UKCS, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Norway, Denmark and other European countries. However, with the continued growth of the company, the aim is to increase headcount to 500 by the end of 2008