Exploration Consultants Ltd Builds on Success

Exploration Consultants Limited has acquired the Scott Pickford UK Valuations and Equity Determination and Support Business which was owned by Core Laboratories. The acquisition became effective from close of business on December 31, 2002.

ECL will retain the acquired business and the transferred staff as a going concern (trading as Scott Pickford Limited), which will be fully supported by the ECL Group to build on its proven track-record and exceptional expertise in the Equity Determinations, Valuations, Technical Audits, Risk Management and Dispute Resolutions. Scott Pickford has had a long-term and ongoing role on all significant Equity Determinations for a significant number of major oil companies and counts most of the commercial banks/lenders amongst its clients.

ECL is a UK-registered privately owned company. This latest acquisition is a continuation of ECL’s strategy to build a technically strong and broadly based independent oil and gas consultancy which offers state-of-the-art technology and advisory services to Government and private sector organisations. ECL has expertise in exploration geoscience and field development studies, and in operations management for seismic, wellsite geology and drilling.