StatoilHydro: Production Halted Temporarily Due to Gale

Oil and gas production from the Grane, Visund, Oseberg South and Heimdal fields will stop production during the severe weather which is forecast for the nights of November 8th and 9th.

The basis for the decision is the ongoing analysis of G-forces relating to lifeboat use during bad weather and the gale which is forecast in the North Sea.

"The lifeboat project analyses are not yet complete," says Lars Christian Bacher, senior vice president for North Sea operations at StatoilHydro.

"But our actions are precautionary and we're implementing lifeboat seating capacity limits in some lifeboats until the investigation is completed. Production is being temporarily halted during the forecast foul weather."

In addition to the temporary production stoppage at the platforms mentioned, StatoilHydro has reduced staffing at the Veslefrikk and Huldra platforms by 114 and 11 personnel respectively. Staffing at the Troll C platform will be reduced by around 20 people during the course of today. Production from Veslefrikk, Huldra and Troll C will not be affected by reduced staffing.

The overall output from the fields to be temporarily closed amounts to roughly 320,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.