Rocksource Reached Year-end Production Goal

Rocksource reported an average production level for October 2007 of 1,050 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) net to the company. The daily maximum in October was 1,170 boepd, which is close to the capacity of the temporary handling facilities in the field.

Rocksource announced on the 12th of October that the year-end target of 1,000 boepd had been achieved. Further increases in production are limited by the temporary facility, which is now at capacity (1,200 boepd). New, permanent facilities with an initial capacity of around 3,000 boepd will be in place by year-end and further production will be phased in as current wells are opened further and new wells are drilled.

Rocksource will onwards publish monthly production reports in order to keep our stakeholders updated on production activities and performance.