Fjord Conversion Nears Completion

Fairmount Heavy Transport says that the conversion of the Fjord in Malta is nearing completion and the date for sea trials will soon be finalized.

Water damage to the frequency converters has hindered the final commissioning of he stern thrusters. All three of the main engines have successfully started and have been running through the various load test thresholds. The frequency converters are required to connect the generators to the thruster motors. Management has decided to swap the frequency converters from the Fjell power packs, in storage in Holland, for the damaged Fjord equipment. The frequency converters are to be shipped overland to Malta this week and will be installed immediately. As soon as this is complete, the ship should be able to move under its own power.

FHT CEO Philip Adkins stated: "Our team has been working side by side with MSL and all of the sub contractors to work through all of the problems that surface in the course of commissioning a vessel of this size and complexity. There have been new challenges every day, the delay caused by the frequency converter damage is regrettable and we have tried to work around it. Everyone here in Malta is now working to the goal of starting sea trials as soon as possible."

FHT has also taken a number of steps to limit any further damage that can be caused to its business by Fairmount Marine. FHT now has complete control of its finances and administration. FHT has also filed a claim against Fairmount Marine for various damages relating to the mismanagement of FHT's affairs. Adkins adds: "The long-standing conflicts of interest between FHT and Fairmount Marine have never been in the best interests of FHT.

Additionally, Fairmount Marine failed to properly organize the resources necessary to convert the Fjord and Fjell. They left a trail of bad decisions and poor judgment. I deeply regret not having removed Fairmount Marine from the conversion much earlier. In hindsight, that decision would have saved us months of difficulties here in Malta restoring the conversion to a properly managed project. Given the damage they have caused to our business, we cannot rule out the need to pursue them for compensation".