NORSOK Standard Approved by Standardization in Norway

The industry has developed NORSOK standard R-005N "Safe use of lifting and transport equipment at petroleum facilities on land." As a reference to the standard, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has sent identical letters on the subject to the relevant players.

NORSOK standard R-005N has now been approved by "Standardization in Norway" and is available under "Petroleum standardization" on its website.

The standard has substantially clarified and improved the operative norms for use of lifting equipment in several areas, not least as regards competence, and the standard describes a prudent operations level as regards the use of lifting and transport equipment.

It is our opinion that the work to develop R-005N has been comprehensive, structured and thorough.

Furthermore, we believe that the use of this standard will contribute to enhancing competence and improving work processes associated with the use of lifting and transport equipment at the land facilities, so that incidents and injuries can be avoided to an even greater degree in the future.