Egdon Reports 3D Seismic Acquisition Start-up in Larne Lough

Egdon's wholly owned subsidiary Portland Gas has commenced its planned 3D seismic acquisition program in Larne Lough, Northern Ireland. The highly experienced geophysical contractor, IMC Geophysics, is undertaking the survey covering approximately 10 square kilometers. Data is being acquired in the northern half of Larne Lough using shallow-draft boats and on roads adjacent to the Lough by vibroseis trucks.

Commenting on the survey, Andrew Hindle, Managing Director of Portland Gas, said "Portland Gas hopes that the data will confirm the extent of a salt sequence seen in a 1980's borehole drilled close to the docks in Larne. The salt beds have a limited extent in the subsurface of Northern Ireland and we believe the Larne region offers the most prospective area to find a suitable site to create caverns to store natural gas."