Kuwait Makes Emergency Production/Export Plans

Kuwait's oil minister said plans have been made for oil production and export in the event of war breaking out in the region. "I cannot go into the details of this plan, but I can guarantee that production will continue, exports will continue and production of fuel needed locally and for export will continue," Sheikh Ahmed al-Fahd al-Sabah said. "And I believe we can also meet the commitments we made to our clients abroad," he added. The minister reiterated that measures had been taken to increase security around key oil installations.

Asked if he thought Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would attack Kuwait in the event of war, he said that "after the experience of 1990 and his exploding over 700 oil wells, we have to put this on our agenda."

Sheikh Ahmed made these comments at the signing ceremony between Kuwait and Japan's Arabian Oil Co. over the drilling concession in the neutral zone shared with Saudi Arabia.