Universal Reports Successful Drilling at its Lake Campo Prospect

Universal Energy says that the analysis of daily reports from the Lake Campo prospect was providing an excellent indication as to the overall success of the prospect.

During the past few days, drilling operations reached the target depth of the well and an analysis of the well log was performed. The well log analysis showed 46 feet of gas pay throughout 4 sections of the well. Based on this analysis, the company and its well partners have elected to install production casing for the well. Lake Campo will be Universal Energy Corp.'s third commercial discovery of oil and gas within the past eight weeks.

"Three for three is not bad," commented Billy Raley, Universal Energy Corp. CEO when asked about the recent drilling success at the company's Amberjack, Caviar #1 and Lake Campo prospects. Raley continued, "Our prospect portfolio is proving its merit with each turn of the drill bit."