Huge Natural Gas Discovery Made at Daquing Field, China

A natural gas discovery estimated at 30 billion cubic meters has been discovered at China's Daqing oilfield, and more is believed recoverable than all other gas reserves previously discovered in the area. The reserves in the Songliao Basin in Heilongjiang province were the largest of that kind in the region, according to Daqing senior engineer Yang Fengping.

At least 20 billion cubic meters of gas could be extracted from the deposits, and a recent test well could pump more than half a million cubic meters a day, Yang said.

Exploration efforts have found 18 other gas fields in the Daqing area over the years with total reserves of more than 40 billion cubic meters, but only 15 billion cubic meters have been deemed recoverable. The gas discovery comes as Daqing's crude oil reserves are dwindling and as China is seeking to boost natural gas use in place of coal. Daqing's proven exploitable crude oil reserves were 570 million tons. The oilfield has produced 1.7 billion tons of crude over its lifetime.