INTEGRA Partners with Liaison Services de Mexico

INTEGRA Services Technologies Inc., a provider of on-site flange bolting and machining products and services, has partnered with Liaison de Mexico S.A. de C.V., a full-service maintenance and repair contractor to offer hydraulic bolting products and services to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation markets in Mexico.

This partnership combines 25 years of experience in providing a wide range of services and technologies designed to solve leak-related problems in bolted assemblies. The equipment and services will be based at Liaison de Mexico's facility in Monterrey and will be available for rental or for use with specialized technicians.

Products and services include specialized services, such as on-site machining, bolt tensioning and torquing, induction bolt heating, turbine casing closure services, condenser and heat exchanger re-tubing, repair sleeve installation, eddy currents testing,MOV actuator valve services, leak testing, hydroblast cleaning, and hydraulic torque wrenches, among other products and services.