Karmsund Gets MFSV Contract from Lewek Shipping

Ezra Holdings says that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lewek Shipping, has awarded a second contract to Karmsund Maritime Service for the design and building of one large 27,000 brake horsepower Multi-Functional Support Vessel.

This contract follows a previous Karmsund contract for a similar MFSV and is valued at the same contractual price of NOK 620 million.

This MFSV is designed with unique features to meet and integrate the shipowner's requirements as well as the offshore industry's present and future demands. The vessel is equipped to perform offshore construction, subsea installation, ROV interventions, installation-maintenance-repair, deep water anchor handling of up to a 5000-meter depth, towing, supply runs, standby and rescue, and tanker assistance.

The vessel's arrangement allows swift mobilization between the various duties via integrated features such as an ROV hangar and foundations for a heave-compensated offshore crane and A-Frame.

Furthermore, this large MFSV vessel is built to meet the stringent requirements of the "Environmental Protection" and "Clean Design" notations and is suitable for North Sea operations, including those in Norway.

The Vessel is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2010. The consideration for the contract is payable in stages and will be satisfied through a combination of internal funds and bank borrowings.