DEVIN Improves Coiled Tubing Lift Frame

An improved coiled tubing lift frame engineered by DEVIN International, built to reduce rig up height for well completions and interventions, is shown to be commercially viable and effective on a deepwater drilling vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

DEVIN’s solution – called a dual articulating lift frame (DALF) – shortens rig up height by 12 to 18 feet and cuts rig up time in half.

To develop DALF, DEVIN modified its proprietary bail assembly spreader system (D-BASS) by integrating components of the lift assembly. Eliminating the need for bottom bails and an elevator, DALF saves up to 18 feet of needed space between the block and the rotary at the rig floor. The refitted bottom component features a sliding, hydraulic door that functions as an elevator by using an interchangeable bushing arrangement to handle lower assemblies. Effectively, the function of the bottom bails and elevator has become a function of the lift frame itself.

Rigging up coiled tubing or wireline in this method requires about 45 minutes or less – at least half the time needed to prepare a traditional coiled tubing installation with bails. Additionally, the simplified system can be rigged up safely from the floor level, reducing risk of injury from falling objects or pinch points.

DALF maintains a 750-ton load capacity and accepts a maximum of 10 O.D. tubing. With bushings, this O.D. may be reduced to accommodate smaller assemblies. DALF meets design standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API 8-A) and is DNV-certified for all coiled tubing applications.

The first DALF system was first deployed in June. A second unit has already been commissioned for an upcoming major well completion project also in the Gulf of Mexico.