Bourbon Orders 2 MPSV from Socarenam

Following a European bid tender, Bourbon is announcing its order for two high-tech Multi Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSV) from Socarenam, the French shipyard based in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The design of these vessels is based on a concept established by Marine Assistance, and will be developed by the consultant firm Bureau Mauric. The experience of these two French companies in the concept of work vessels, has enabled them to come up with a vessel design adapted to the requirements of Bourbon’s customers.

The two MPSVs built by Socarenam will be used to provide support in specific, demanding offshore operations, such as the maintenance of oil facilities or production maintenance work and subsea inspections. They can house 103 persons under excellent conditions of comfort and safety. They are equipped with diesel-electric propulsion and a redondant dynamic positioning system (Class 2).

Moreover, the vessels have 8 anchors (compared with 4 normally found on this type of vessel) which, combined with the Dynamic Positioning technology, offer greater flexibility in operational positioning.

Finally, these vessels have been designed with low draught to allow increased accessibility in shallow zones such as estuaries or rivers.