ExxonMobil Cranks Up Again Offshore Angola

ExxonMobil's subsidiary, Esso Exploration Angola (Block 15) Ltd., successfully started up production from the Marimba North project offshore Angola. Ahead of schedule and within budget, the project is expected to develop 80 million barrels of oil.

About 90 miles off the coast of Angola in 3,900 feet of water, the Marimba North project ties back to the Kizomba A Tension Leg Platform. Development includes subsea wells, a single drill center, 30 kilometers of flowlines and a unique riser system. Schedule and budget were cited by the company as drivers for tying the well to the Kizomba A development.

"The project is a good example of ExxonMobil's ability to integrate innovative technical solutions with detailed execution planning, which maximizes the value of the resource for our shareholders and the government of Angola," said the company's Senior Vice President Mark Albers.

Peak production estimates for Marimba North are 40,000 b/d, which hikes Block 15 production levels to production rate to 540,000 b/d. Other developments included in Block 15 are Xikomba, Kizomba A and Kizomba B. The current combined resources for Block 15 are 2 billion barrels of oil. The addition of the Kizomba C project should add another 600 million barrels to that number.

ExxonMobil holds interest in four blocks offshore Angola that span an excess of 3 million gross acres. The company's subsidiary Esso is the operator of Block 15 with 40% interest. Other partners include BP Exploration (Angola) Limited with 26.67%, ENI Angola Exploration B.V. with 20% and Statoil Angola with 13.33%. Sonangol serves as the Concessionaire.