Harriet Joint Venture Spuds Dawn-1 Well

Due to a high sea swell the Ensco 56 jackup was unable to jack down on the next planned well, Montgomery-1. The rig has now moved to a more protected location to commence the Dawn-1 exploration well, which spudded December 20, 2002.

The Dawn-1 well is located in TL/1, 3.8 kilometers northeast of the Linda gas and condensate field and 20 kilometers northeast of Varanus Island.

The Dawn-1 well has drilled to a depth of 898 meters measured depth and will continue to drill ahead to the planned total depth of 2,673 meters measured depth (2,568 meters true vertical depth subsea).

The Dawn-1 well will target a Jurassic Biggada prospect which has strong seismic amplitudes similar to the nearby Linda gas and condensate field discovered in September 2001. If successful in finding gas the field would be developed in conjunction with the planned development of the Linda gas condensate field. The well is expected to take around 10 days to reach the proposed total depth.

Harriet Joint Venture Participants are: Apache as operator with 68.5%; Kufpec with 19.27715 and Tap Oil with the remaining 12.2229%.