Antrim Completes 2007 Causeway Drilling Program

Antrim Energy says that the fourth and final well in its 2007 extended Causeway drilling program has been successfully drilled and will be cased. As previously announced, well 211/22a-9 was drilled to provide pressure support to the future oil producers in the Central Causeway area.

The well was drilled to total depth 4,281 meters and encountered sections of oil pay in the Ness and Etive formations despite being drilled at a significantly lower elevation than the producers.

"Pressure data obtained from sampling the Ness and Etive reservoir intervals in 22a-9 indicate that reservoir communication exists with the future producers drilled approximately 2.5 kilometers to the south," said Stephen Greer, CEO of Antrim. "With this latest well, an oil column has been proven to exist in the Ness and Etive formations significantly downdip from the previous discoveries and that injection into the Brent section encountered in this well is likely to support and maintain the expected high oil rates from the previously drilled production wells."