Maitland-2 3H Wells Plugged and Abandoned

Tap Oil says that the Maitland-2 and-3H wells, which spudded on September 6, 2007, have been plugged and abandoned.

The Maitland-2, 3H appraisal wells are located in permit WA-33-R in the Barrow Sub-basin, approximately 40 kilometers north-west of Barrow Island and 5 kilometers south-east of the John Brookes field. Maitland-3H is a horizontal sidetrack drilled from the Maitland-2 location.

Earlier this week, testing operations of Maitland-3H had been completed. A constrained stabilized flow rate of around 6 mmscf/d was achieved. Significantly higher short-term rates were achieved but had to be choked back due to sand influx. Analysis of the results to determine the flow potential of the reservoir in a development scenario will be conducted over the next few weeks. The well has been plugged and abandoned as planned and two further vertical appraisal wells are in planning to delineate the extremities of the field for development.

Tap is very pleased with the testing conducted on Maitland-3H, both technically and operationally. The testing program demonstrates that the flow potential of the Maitland reservoir is well in excess of the restricted test flow. Sand influx is not an uncommon reservoir characteristic and production wells with sand screens are now being designed. Representative gas samples, flow data and pressure build-up data will also be analyzed in the coming weeks to confirm flow potential of the reservoir and development scenarios.

WA-33-R Participants are Tap (Shelfal) Pty Ltd with 22.474%; Apache Oil Aust. Pty Ltd as operator with 48.815%; Pan Pacific Petroleum NL wtih 10%; and Santos (BOL) Pty Ltd with 18.711%.