Superior Oil and Gas Co. Announces Final Completion

Superior Oil and Gas began final completion on the Lonesome River #1 oil and gas well, Section 1, T 19 N, R 10 W, Blaine County, Oklahoma.

Previously producing from the Viola, a deeper, wildcat zone, Superior is moving up to the two primary pay zones in the giant Sooner Trend Field. The Lonesome River #1 is a direct south offset to the Newfield Exploration #1, and an east offset to three recent Chesapeake Exploration wells. These tests produce from the Hunton Dolomite and Mississippi Lime, both massive fractured carbonates. The Newfield Exploration BLM #1 averaged 750 MCFD during its first month of production and has produced almost 0.250 BCFG since going on line.

"Both the Mississippi and Hunton in the Lonesome River #1 appear to be highly fractured, possibly due to adjacent faulting," petroleum geologist Gary Pittenger said. "The Lonesome River #1 should be as good or better than the Newfield and Chesapeake wells in these two zones."