EGPI/Firecreek Reports Program Progress

EGPI Firecreek and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Firecreek Petroleum says that its field operations reported progress in the completion of the Phase 1 Fant Ranch rehabilitation/improvement program. The first of the two additional workover oil wells is online now producing oil, and the second oil well is reported active and online.

The company plans on implementing several work programs designed to improve existing oil production from the recently acquired 2,520-acre Fant Ranch oilfield located in Knox County near Benjamin, Texas.

The addition of Fant Ranch Unit oil wells 7-1 and 1-4 bring the overall active oil well count in Fant Ranch field to 19. The company’s Fant Ranch operator, Success Oil, will now evaluate the recent well 1-4 addition, as well as work performed on well 7-1. The wells are all linked systematically.