UWG Wins Grane Engineering Contract from Norsk Hydro

UWG Group has been commissioned to carry out riser analysis and tieback engineering on the Norsk Hydro Grane platform. The Grane field is in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, block 25/11, 180 kilometers west of Stavangar. The contract is the first between UWG Group and the Norwegian operator and involves demanding work in harsh environmental conditions.

The platform, which is currently under construction, is due to be installed in spring/summer 2003 in the biggest undeveloped oil field on the Norwegian shelf. It will weigh almost 40,500 tons, have 40 well slots and produce 214,000 barrels a day. Twelve wells are currently being pre drilled and will be suspended, awaiting the installation of the platform.

As part of the contract, which is expected to run until, August, UWG Group has been tasked to carry out design verification work on the conductors. The company is also acting as a specialist engineering consultant for the tieback of the wells.

UWG Group director Mark Hewett said: "The important thing here is that everything has got to be planned to fit exactly. The wells, the well heads and the platform will all be at specific depths and we have to make sure that all those aspects are calculated correctly prior to platform installation. We are also extremely familiar with the equipment which has been purchased by Norsk Hydro for this project.

"This is the first contract we have had with Norsk Hydro, which is a significant player both in Norway and internationally, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in future."